Yama Buddha BiographyYama Buddha Biography

Yama Buddha (Real Name: Anil Adhikari) is one of the most popular Nephop singer who has won heart of many Nepalese youngsters living inside and outside of the country. A gifted songwriter who discovered a passion for poem when he was studying in third grade, the theme of his lyrics revolves around social and political changes. He comments on social taboos where he talks about class struggle, racism, poverty and political scenario. His musical career started at the age of 16 years and now he is arguably the number one Nepali rapper.

Anil (aka Yama Buddha) was born in 30th May 1987 in Leguwa, Dhankuta. He was raised in Morang as his family decided to shift to Terai when he was just six years old. From Morang, his family shifted to Kathmandu where Yama Buddha education continued from the sixth grade. He completed his school level education from The Excelsior School and joined Edmark Academy for ten plus two education. Later, he went to United Kingdom for further education. He returned to his home country. Although he was an IT Engineer, he decided to follow his heart. He explored what he was good at. Many people were able to assimilate with his frustration that he poured out through his songs.

His stage name Yama Buddha symbolises the perfect balance in between the good and evil. Yama is the name for god of death/ fury while Buddha is the enlightened one. Together, they represent the phase through which he survived and the experiences that made him what he is today. His music is influenced from Eminem, Drake, 2pac and others. Along with singing, Yama Buddha’s fame also increased after he successfully hosted Raw Barz, the Nepali Rap battle. With his hard work, he has become the number one Hip Hop artist in ReverbNation. He has been the source of inspiration to many youths who wish to follow the footsteps of Yama Buddha.

Contact Yama Buddha

With more than one million likes, he is one of the most followed Nepali celebrities in facebook. Contact him in his official facebook address. He can also be reached through his twitter account Currently, Yama Buddha is living in United Kingdom with his wife but he is busy participating in many tours and concerts all around the world.

Yama Buddha Family

Father of Yama Buddha is Ambika Prasad Adhikari who is a renowned politician. Anil has a younger sister named Asmi Adhikari who got married with Resh Marahatta after three years of love affair. Resh Marahatta is an actor and a producer by profession. He can be seen in a hit Nepali movie Pinjada.

Yama Buddha Albums and Songs

Released Year Album Note Songs Note
2012 Ekadesh First Album Final Fantasy Home Recorded and released on youtube
2012 Yama Buddha Mixtape 21 Songs collection (Aama, Yo Prasanga) Sathi Strong message against Drug Abuse
2013 Yama Buddha Mixtape  II

Yama Buddha entered into the world of music by releasing a youtube video of his home recorded song. His first song Final Fantasy failed to gather much attention initially. His next recorded song was Sathi. Beautifully written with heart touching words which every youth can easily relate to, Sathi became an instant hit and his fame was spread by word of mouth. His song was warmly appreciated by people of all age groups. So, he was encouraged to release an album. Ekadesh was Yama Buddha’s first album which he released in 2012 and since then he did not have to look behind. He released his next album Yama Buddha Mixtape in the same year. Aama, Yo Prasanga and Think Smart are some of his popular songs. The Mixtape Yama Buddha had total 21 songs all of which was written by Yama Buddha and mixed by Shailesh Shrestha aka Spadix. His songs are available globally in Amazon, iTunes, bandcamp, spotify and many other musical stores. Shree Pach Ambre was the first movie for which he lend his vocal for the song Jutta Maa.


Many people admired his song Sathi. This was a very heart touching song from Yama Buddha where he beautifully portrays the ill-consequences of drug abuse. Controversy arise when a news appeared online that the music composition of Sathi was the copy of Arabian song. You can listen the Arabian version HERE. But another theory was proposed that the music used in Sathi was not originally from that Arabian song but it was the track created by Slantize for How you make me feel. (Listen to the music HERE). The theory was put forwarded that the music could be used by anyone for a royalty. So, it was not a copy.

Yama Buddha Wife

Yama Buddha married Asmita Adhikari in 2013.

Awards, Honours and Achievements

He has been honoured by WAVE Magazine and he has won the title of People’s Choice Award. With almost a million subscribers, Yama Buddha is one of the top 5 Nepali Music Channel. Click HERE to subscribe to Yama Buddha.

Yama Buddha Songs, Married and Contact Address

We will soon update musical tour dates of Yama Buddha.


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