Rajesh Hamal BiographyRajesh Hamal Biography

The one and only legendary superstar- Rajesh Hamal (age 52 years) is reigning Nepali Cinema Industry since his debut from the movie Yug dekhi Yug Samma in 1994. A gold medalist in English literature, he is the revolutionary actor who entered into cinema world in those days when acting was never considered as a serious profession.


Born in 9th June 1964 in Mission Hospital of Palpa to father Dr Chuda Bahadur Hamal and mother Renu KC Hamal, his siblings include younger sister Dr Rupa Hamal, younger brother Rakesh Hamal, Elder Sister Dr Rekha Hamal and elder sister Dr Rita Hamal. All of his sisters are living in USA as a doctor. His father died when he was serving as an Ambassador to Pakistan. He had also made Maina Suchikar, a disabled woman from Khagendra Nava Jiwan Kendra, Jorpati to be his sister with whom he used to celebrate his birthday till Maina passed away. His parents did not support his decision to be an actor in an initial phase because it was considered the low level profession in those days and Rajesh was from an elite background. His dad wanted to follow Rajesh to follow the footsteps of his sisters and choose either doctor or engineer for his career. The passion for acting was much greater in Rajesh. He recognized the significance of movie as a powerful way of expressing views. He knew that the visual which the public sees will remain in their memory for a long time than message conveyed through other means like texts and audio. So, he went against the wish of his father which made his father sad initially. But the objection of his family faded when he began to shine in limelight.

Education and Career

After studying in Bhanubhakta Memorial School till eighth grade, he went to Moscow with his father, the then Nepali Ambassador to Russia for further studies. Later, he went to India where he joined MA (English) in Chandigarh University. His passion towards the glamor world heightened during the college period. He got his first break in modelling in 1985 when he was featured in Fashion Net, a fashion magazine. Soon, he began to participate in Ramp Shows. In 1988, his uncle Deepak Rayamajhi, a director of Yug Dekhi Yug Samma offered him a lead role opposite Krishti Mainali in the movie. He was able to win Best Debut Actor Award. Since then, he has worked in more than 200 movies so far in different roles including action, comedy and romance movies.

Rajesh Hamal Movies

Rajesh Hamal who is aptly termed as a Mahanayak is one of the busiest actors in Nepal who works in around 10 films in an average in a year. He has performed in more than 200 movies so far. An extremely busy person, he has got record of working in up to 3 to 4 movies in a single day and the task used to be different in different movie. He had to complete dubbing in one movie while he had to act in the next. Being extremely busy, he used to sleep for just 4 to 5 hours.

In an interview, Rajesh Hamal has said that he likes Deuta and Basanti most among movies that he has worked in. Although he was more close to Kristi Mainali in his early phase, Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar became the most successful onscreen couple giving many hit movies together. He was able to collect Best Debut Actor Award from his very first movie Yug Dekhi Yug Samma (1989). Deuta (1991) became his next successful movie where he was seen in the role of Shankar. In fact it was Tulshi Ghimire directed movie Deuta that paved his path to the Stardom.

He executed the role of inspector quite beautifully in Aparadh (1993) for which he has won many awards including Best Actor from National Film Award and NEFTA Film Award. Chahana, Sadak, Paribhasa and Prithvi were his successful movies from 1994. He has also given other blockbusters like Simana and Jun Tara. In fact Jun Tara was promoted as the first Nepali movie in which an actor fights with leopard. His performance in Basanti (2001) gave him critical appraisal and he received National Film Award for the Best Actor from this movie. In 2008, he was seen in the role of Inspector Arjun in The Yug Dekhi Yug Samma.  Jay Shiva Shankar was his hit movie from 2009. In 2010, he appeared in Cameo role in Bato Muni ko Phool. He won the Best Comedian Actor Award for his performance in Chhabilal Kanjus Chaina (2012). Mukhauta (2014) was highly ambitious movie where many celebrities had given their performance but the movie did moderate business. In 2016, he has performed in Giraftar, Hasiya, Sangharsa and Thule. There are many movies that have solely been dependent on his stardom to attract crowd to the cinema hall.

Awards and Honours

The legendary Superstar has been adorned with more than 118 National Awards. He is also the Goodwill ambassador for WWF Nepal while he is goodwill ambassador for reconstruction program that is conducted to rebuild infrastructure that has been destroyed by earthquake of April 2015.

 Height and Weight of Rajesh

The tall actor with deep and rich voice, Rajesh Hamal has a height of 6 feet 1 inch. He married with his long-time girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai in May 2014. Madhu was a model.  His birth sign is Gemini. Rajesh Hamal weight is 72kg which is the right weight for a man with his height. He wears the shoe size of 10 (US).

Married Life- Who is Rajesh Hamal Wife?

Rajesh Hamal remained single for long time before finally giving his heart to 5ft 6inch tall model Madhu Bhattarai. The two of them began to date secretly. After being in a close relationship for six long years, both of them realized that their marriage could work out. So, Hamal made final announcement of his wedding. Although not much information was disclosed about his girlfriend Madhu, she was said to be originally from Biratnagar and that she was living in Basbari, Kathmandu in an apartment prior to wedding days.

In an engagement ceremony performed in Hotel Shanker, Rajesh Hamal formally asked for Madhu’s hand after offering her with his mother’s belongings of pearl necklace, bracelets, earrings and a ring. Hamal married Madhu Bhattarai in May of 2014 in a secret event organized in Hotel Del Annapurna in which only close friends and family members were invited. Later, they threw reception party at Shankar Hotel in which politicians, ambassadors and other high profile people were invited. After delay in obtaining USA visa, they chose Pokhara for celebrating their honeymoon. Their photos from honeymoon got leaked in internet. Madhu was 28 years old at the time of marriage. Both of them are living together happily in his house in Kathmandu. They do not have any children so far and they do not seem to be in hurry.

Love Story of Superstar Rajesh and Madhu- How it all started

Rajesh Hamal saw Madhu for the first time in Lux Beauty Star Contest in 2004. Madhu was the contestant while Rajesh was selected as a Jury. Madhu became the first runner up in the event. Rajesh left her with his business card. After moments of hesitation that continued for few days, Madhu finally decided to contact Rajesh. Timing was of great essence in uniting the couple. It so happened that Madhu contacted Rajesh just the day before his birthday. So, Mr. Rajesh Hamal offered Madhu to have birthday dinner with him which she happily accepted and thus they began to see each other.

Interesting Facts, Likes and Dislikes of Rajesh Dai

Johnny Depp and Marlon Brondo are the favourite actors of Rajesh. In fact, in one interview, Mr. Hamal had said that he would love to act in –Ón the Waterfront’. Watching News on BBC and CNN is his favourite pastime. He prefers reading non-fiction books over Novels as he likes to stay in touch with reality more than fly with imagination. He finds teachings of H.H. 14th Dalai Lama very inspiring. Rajesh has said that he is afraid of height and he do not enjoy bungee jumping. In indoor sports, he likes playing snookers most. He has named his dog as Johnny. This superstar prefers not to eat food from shooting unit. He likes to eat fresh fruits more than meal which is the secret of his active life even at his age. He also brings his own dress to the shooting spot instead of wearing the clothes designed by the designers of that movie. Talking about an ideal woman, he has mentioned that he is fascinated towards the expressive eyes of any woman. He thinks that the hands and legs should be in proportion to the body size in order for anyone to be beautiful. Speaking further, he has said that he does not like woman with hoarse voice and woman who has hair in hands and feet. He further added that the skin of girl should be soft, smooth and glowing. He prefers natural beauty more than an artificial one that is attained with excessive makeups. He enjoys riding a motorcycle and he cherish the childhood memories of traveling to different countries with his father. He prefers traveling alone rather than in a group as traveling alone allows much flexibility to the schedule.

Rajesh Hamal Kissing Experience

In an interview with Saptahik, Rajesh Hamal has revealed that he had his first experience of kissing at 6 years old when he was studying in Grade 1 in an Indian school. The girl had kissed her during parents’ day. He also remembers the kissing inside car to the girl when he was 17 years old and studying in India.

Rumour and Scandal

There was rumour that a life size wax model of Rajesh Hamal was installed at the prestigious Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London. In 2011, a woman named Bal Kumari Adhikari came upfront and reported to the police claiming Rajesh Hamal to be the father of her three kids. The matter got solved only when her brother Dhaka Ram Adhikari revealed that his sister was suffering from mental illness and that the child is from her husband Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Krishna Bahadur Rana. Her brother presented the medical report to the police and further added that she had stopped taking medicine since few months. He became the talk of the town when the news of bed scene of Rajesh Hamal with Sushma Karki came out. The scene was for the movie Mero Jiwan Sathi.

Words on Fashion

Do not follow the crowd. Wear what you love most and what looks decent on you.


Being a Director of movie and exploring South American and African countries are his dreams.

Latest News

Rajesh Hamal can be seen in the role of woman wearing a saree, tika and makeup in movie Shakuntala. The movie is directed by Dinesh Shrestha.    

Rajesh Hamal Net worth and rate

Rajesh Hamal salary is around 2015 Dollar per movie. His income also comes from making public appearance in events that are organized nationally as well as internationally. In those events, Rajesh likes to sing a song, dance and tell dialogue. It is said that he takes NPR 1, 50,000 for one stage show. With brand endorsements, advertisements, stage shows, hosting of TV shows and performing in movies, Rajesh Hamal net worth is estimated at USD 10 million.

Last Words on Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal is a superhero in reel life as well as in real life. There are lots to learn from the life of this Nepali superstar. He has taught us to follow our dream even if nobody else believes in it. It is our life and we should spend it as we like. We should not hold back caring about other’s views if we are sure from heart that it is the right thing that we are doing.

Rajesh Hamal Movies, Wife and Net worth


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