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Name Nikhil Upreti
Nick Name Niks, Dinesh
Birth place Sarlahi, Piprabhitta ,Nepal
Birthday August 10,1980
Age 36 years
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Net Worth Under Review
Parents Govinda and Bhojkumari Upreti
Occupation Actor and Producer
Married Kopila (2001), Sanchita Luitel (2009)

Nikhil Upreti Biography

Nikhil Upreti (age 36 years) is one of the most popular Nepali action hero who debuted in Nepali cinema industry from Pinjada. He jumped off the 7 storey tall Kantipur Complex for the movie which made him the talk of the town. Nikhil was interested more in sports than in studies since his school days. He is a black belt holder in Karate while he used to play football. He wanted to make a career in cinema. So, after completing his school level studies from Birgunj, he went to Mumbai to enhance his acting skills. He received training in acting from reputed studio of Roshan Taneja while he also got training in action. Afterwards, he began working as an assistant fight director in ABCL Company (Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited) which was one of the popular movie production house run by legendary Indian Superstar Amitabh Bachchan himself.

Nikhil Upreti family members consist of father Govinda Upreti and mother Bhoj Kumari Upreti while he has one brother and two sisters as well. He got married for the first time in 2001 with Kopila. It was a love marriage. The couple were dating each other since few years till they were absolutely sure that their marriage could work out. In a turn of surprise, Nikhil married popular Nepali actress Sanchita Luitel secretly in 2009 and they began to live in Mumbai. Sanchita Luitel was already established in Nepali Cinema Industry where she had given many Hit Movies. She had debuted in Nepali Movie Industry at an early age of 18 years through a movie titled Apsara which became a commercial success. At that time, Nikhil was already married and had children from his first wife Kopila. Sanchita was also married to her first husband Aakash Shah. Sanchita had met Aakash in studio and they began to get closer so they decided to get married. But their marriage could not last long. So, she divorced Aakash and eloped with Nikhil. They must have been in a very deep love to take such a bold decision despite knowing that such kind of action is immoral in every respect. Nikhil had previous working experience in Film Production of Company and Sanchita knew acting. They thought that with Nikhil’s connection, Sanchita can easily get established as a successful actress in Bollywood. But things went south for them. Sanchita could not get break into Bollywood. So, after few duration of stay in Mumbai, Sanchita returned to Nepal. Sanchita has already given birth to a son whom she has named as Kashal. The boy was born in Norvic Hospital, Kathmandu on 21st August 2011 through caesarean operation since normal delivery could not be done. Nikhil made a comeback in Kollywood from 2015 Hit Movie Bhairab while Sanchita also returned to Kollywood through a movie Nai Nabhannu La 3 which became a box office hit. His fans love his character which is often seen as a hero who cannot stand any corruption and suppression of people with low social status by people with so called high social status.

According to Nikhil Upreti interview, Nikhil met Sanchita for the first time in 2003 but they began to get close to each other only after working in Sovit Basnet’s Movie Chor Sipahi which was released in 2005. Nepali audience liked the chemistry of reel couple. So, they were seen together in many other movies like Maryada, Yuddha and Maya ta Maya Ho.

The present relationship of Nikhil is complicated. He has children with both of his wives and he has not given divorce to any of them. Neither has he managed to bring Sanchita and Kopila close to each other.

 Nikhil Upreti Movies

Pinjada was his debut Nepali movie. He has also worked in lead role in few Bhojpuri films while he has produced Sabdhan movie which was a commercial success. His latest movie is a Mega Hit Bhairav. More than fifteen movies from Nikhil has celebrated successful 51 days in theatre which proves his popularity among Nepalese crowd. There was also news of Nikhil directing and acting in a Bollywood movie Commitment.   



2000 Pinjada
2002 Shibashakti
2003 Kurukshetra
2004 Ram Laxman
2003 Agnipath
2006 Dhadkan
2004 Karma Yoddha
2005 Bhai-Bhai
2005 Papi Maanche
2005 Bhagya
2005 Barmala
2005 Abhimanyu
2006 A Pandit Baje
2006 Krodh
2006 Manish
2007 Nikhil Dai
2007 Yuddha
2007 Chor Shipahi
2007 Barudh
2008 Pale Dai
2008 Maryada
2007 Bhagya Bidhata
2007 Haami Saathi Bhai
2007 Agni Jwala
2008 Dobato
2008 Desh Dekhi Bidesh
2008 Dai Ko Sasurali
2007 Aama Ko Kaakh
2007 Duniya
2009 Trishul
2009 Nisana
2008 Janma Mrityu
2008 Insaaf
2008 Ram Balaram
2009 Mr. Don
2006 Ghayal (Nepali film)
2007 Jeevan Mrithu
2007 Parkhi Base
2008 Jindagi
2012 Parichaya
2008 Jaya Shiba Shankar
2009 Dharma
2009 Pahilo Pahilo Maya
2009 Bish
2012 Debyani
2013 Daag (Nepali film)
2012 Timi Jaha Vaye Pani
2009 Flash Back
2009 Bidai
2006 Hami Tin Bhai
2010 Dosti
2015 Bhairav
2015 Lootera


2005 National Films Award
2006 Rastriya Nagarik Swarna Samman

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