Jiwan Luitel BiographyJiwan Luitel Biography

Jiwan Luitel (age 34 years) is one of the most celebrated Nepalese actors who was born in 10th September 1981 in Morang. Jiwan was fascinated towards the world of glamour since his childhood days. Mr. Luitel has acquired an education up to Bachelor of Business Studies.  The heavily built body, hulky height and photogenic face aided him in pursuing his career in modelling. His career was set to motion after successfully participating in Mister Nepal 2002 event and winning the title. He has brief experience of working as a correspondent in Avenues Television (2007).

He debuted in Nepali Cinema Industry from the movie- Tirkha (2007) which did the moderate business. Nasib Afno (2009) was the first movie in which he was seen in a lead role. He bagged the title of KTV Best Deut Actor from this movie. His charming personality and good looks earned him massive fans. More than sixty Jiwan Luitel films are already out in the market and most of them have been favoured by his fans. His performance has been honoured with many awards including Best Actor Award and Best Youth National Award. A socially responsible person, he displayed his compassion by returning from his USA visit and helping Nepalese in the aftermath of Earthquake 2015. He even burnt an effigy of earthquake as a psychological treatment for those who were afraid of earthquake. Brain drain has become one of the major problems in Nepal. Luitel is also making plan to permanently shift to USA.

Jiwan Luitel Movies

Year                        Movie
2007                       Tirkha
2007                       Ghatak
2008                       Sano Sansar
2009                       Mero Euta Sathi Chha
2009                       Kasam Hajurko
2009                       Naseeb Aafno
2010                       Deep Sikha
2010                       Nai Nabhannu La
2011                       Ma Timro Bhaisake
2011                       Malai Man Paryo
2012                       Malati ko Bhatti
2012                      Jaba Jaba Maya Bascha
2012                      Andaz
2012                      Blackmail
2013                      Rhythm
2013                      Notebook
2013                      Mero Man ko Sathi
2013                      My Brother
2013                      Bindash 2
2014                      Nai Nabhannu La 2
2014                      Shisa
2014                      Jau Hida Pokhara
2014                      Sukulgunda
2014                      Thuli
2014                      Dhoon
2014                      Stupid Mann
2015                      Kafal Pakyo
2015                      Bhool Bhulaiya

Although he made debut in Kollywood from Tirkha (2007), it was his performance in Sano Sansar (2008) that established him in Nepali movie Industry. He has given many hit movies like Mero Euta Sathi Cha (2009) and Nai Na Bhannu La (2010).

Jiwan Luitel Married and Family

Anjali Luitel is Jiwan Luitel’s Wife. Together, the couple has two children- one daughter and one son. The daughter is a year and half younger than his son. His daughter has been named Zara Luitel while the name of his son is Hridaan Luitel. Zara was born in 22nd June 2015 and his son Hridaan was born in 14th December 2013.

Jiwan Luitel- a techno geek

Jiwan has shown his love for IT by launching his own app and making it available in Google Play Store for Android as well as in Apple Store. He has his own official website in which we can learn his biography and he updates his press release and new and upcoming movies. Created by SunBi Creations, the app lets his fans to openly converse with him. They can also watch his videos and read his biography from the app. He realized the importance of keeping up with technology when he was rejected from filming in Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara simply because he could not present his resume to the production unit in an attractive way.

Jiwan Luitel Book

The fans were introduced to different aspect of Luitel through Nayak, a collection of poems written by Jiwan. The book was launched by Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar in Naxal Banquet. Jiwan has been writing poems since his teenage days. Before launching the book, he used to recite his poems to audience in different social functions.

Contact Address of Jiwan Luitel

An active user of social sites, Jiwan can be contacted through his official facebook page where his page has been liked by more than three hundred thousand people. He can also be directly contacted through his own mobile app named Jiwan Luitel. You can also get connected with him through his twitter account.

Body Measurement

Mister Nepal Jiwan has got every qualities which are thought to be essential in an ideal hero. Jiwan Luitel height is 5 feet 9 inch while he has body weight of 68 kg and he looks dashing which is why he has become heartthrob of many fans.

Jiwan Luitel and Rekha Thapa    

Jiwan Luitel and Rekha Thapa is seen as the perfect reel couple. They show better chemistry and they create magical atmosphere in the movie in which they play. Together, they have played many movies. Nasib Afno, Jaba Jaba Maya Bascha, Malati ko Bhatti, Andaaj and Jau Hinda Pokhara are few of the successful movies in which Jiwan and Rekha can be seen together. This is no secret that Rekha finds it difficult to cope up with her co-workers. Misunderstandings had occurred in between Rekha and Luitel too but it seems they have been able to resolve the differences because they are being seen together these days. So, we can expect to see more movies starring Rekha and Jwan together in future.

Jiwan Luitel Movie, Height and Wife


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