Dayahang Rai BiographyDayahang Rai Biography

One of the most talented actors in Nepali cinema industry, Dayahang Rai (age 36 years) is also the successful director and play writer. He along with Saugat Malla and few other actors redefined the way people looked at Nepali Cinema. A natural actor, he has ability to bring any characters to life which is why many producers and directors are eager to work with him.

Early Life and Childhood

Thje birth date of Dayahang Rai is 13th April 1980. He was born in a middle class family in a far-off Khawa village of Bhojpur district. He spent his childhood in Bhojpur with his siblings that included one elder brother and two younger sisters. Dayahang had reserved personality and he used to play alone as a child. Most of his days were spent herding cattle. He used to make his own toys and devise his own games. He loved collecting stones of different shapes and sizes and weighing them in his own homemade weighing scale. He studied in Pashupati Lower Secondary School for few years before completing his school level education from Annapurna Secondary School in 1998. He completed his intermediate level education from   Bhojpur Multiple College with Geography as Major subject.

As he grew up, his dream of acting began hunting him day by day to the extent that he finally decided to move to Kathmandu. He could not find courage to tell parents the truth that he was visiting Kathmandu to start his career in acting. So, he took permission to leave home by telling them that he had decided to work abroad. He got positive response from his parents as life of youths was uncertain in village in those days due to Maoist insurgency. So, Dayahang made a life changing journey from Khawa to Kathmandu in 2001.

Struggle Period and Career

After arriving at Kathmandu, he started staying with his uncle and aunt who were already in Kathmandu. He used to visit theatre to watch dramas in his free time. He attended National Theatre Festival with hope to talk with director. He wanted to express his interest in acting and directing plays to drama directors. But he could not contact any of the directors.

He joined RR Campus (now Nepal Manawiki Campus) to study journalism but soon dropped the education when the schedule conflicted with his dream. He participated in acting workshop in Nachghar that was being organized by Anup. Anup Baral is his mentor who taught him basics in acting. Daya learnt many things from Anup. Daya wanted to continue learning backstage works but it was Anup who gave Daya the first opportunity to act from his play titled Siruma Rani and since then he has been actively engaged in plays and acting. He expanded his understanding in acting by taking three months course at Actors Studio in 2007.

Dayahang Rai Movies- New and Upcoming

Release Date Movie Name of Character
2009 Mero Euta Sathi Chha Dorje
2010 Dasdhunga  
2011 Mero Love Story  
2012 Loot Gopal
2012 Highway Manoj
2013 Saanghuro Tika
2013 Loafer  
2014 Kabaddi Kazi
2014 Talakjung Vs Tulke  
2015 Taandro Comrade Koshish
2015 Kabaddi Kabaddi Kaji

He made his onscreen debut in tele serial from Yuwa (2002).  His next project was Dalan (2003). Although he got break in film in a lead role from Gurung movie Anagarki- an award winning movie, it was Mero Euta Sathi Chha that gave him recognition. He rose to fame from the movie Dasdhunga, a movie that is based on the tragic incident that took life of great political leader Madan Bhandari where he performed the role of Ammar Lama. Acharya was yet another successful movie in which he performed the role of a doctor. Acharya was based on the life story of legendary singer Bhakta Raj Acharya. In 2012, he got an opportunity to perform in mega blockbuster Loot which was a milestone in Nepali cinema industry. His character Gofle was much appreciated by public and is remembered till date. He was honoured with TV Filmy Popular Award for his characterization of Gofle in Loot. He carefully picks the movie in which he performs. Hence, his movies have taste of originality and is different from mainstream Nepali cinema that is heavily influenced by Bollywood. Chhadke (2013), Karkash (2013), Saanghuro (2013), Uma (2013), Loafer (2013), Mukhauta (2014) and Jholey (2014) are some of the example. His movie Badhshala (2013) which depicted the cruel torture of Maoists at Bhairavnath Barrack of Nepal Army had to work hard to get approval from censor board. Talakjung vs Tulke (2014) is character driven movie. His movie Kabaddi (2014) was also able to create hype among Nepalese youth which is why they returned with a sequel Kabaddi Kabaddi (2015). Fanko and Rahadani is his new movie. He has many upcoming movies like How Funny and Bir Bikram in his list that are awaiting their release date. He has also successfully directed a play titled Mahiladotcom. His recent movie Rahadani was the talk of the town when Minister for Agricultural Development Haribol Gajurel literally cried after watching the movie in City Centre while giving his feedback about Rahadani to the press.

Dayahang Rai Married, Wife and Children

Dayahang Rai is a married man. He tied knots with his wife Benuka Rai in 2006. Benuka is a singer by profession. Together, the couple is blessed with one son named Samdung Hang Rai. Samdung is the Rai word for the blessed one.

Benuka is comfortable in singing modern songs. Some of the popular Benuka Rai songs include a duet song with Raju Tamang titled Ankha Ma Kina, Saat Sanundra Pari with Tilak Saru Magar, a solo song titled Makhamali Sayapatri,  Timile Samjhanu, Udeko Chha Ranga, Jogiya, Sewaro, Chhadnu Raichha, Aenthani Ae Aenthani and Bhul Gare.

Benuka’s birthday falls in the last week of Chaitra while Daya’s birthday falls on the first week of Baisakh. So, they celebrate their birthday together in Baisakh first. They are seen as an ideal couple with deep level of understanding. In one interview, Dayahang has said that he had listened Afnae Gaon Ghar Birano Lagchha as the first song from Benuka. Both of them like to celebrate Tihar the most.

Daya and Benuka Love Story

Daya met with Benuka in the studio. Benuka had went to the studio to learn singing while Daya was there to learn acting. At that time, there was a Rato Ghar (Red House) in Bagbazar which is no more. This building was destroyed by tragic earthquake of April 2015. Their first introduction was made in Dovan Restaurant in Anam Nagar. Daya hang liked Benuka a lot since the day they met but he was afraid to express his love to her. So, it took almost a year before finally proposing to Benuka. He proposed her in a unique way. Instead of expressing his love directly telling the three magical words I love you or pouring his heart out in a love letter, his feelings were expressed in an implicit way. It was after their meeting and Benuka was about to leave when one fine day Dayahang said that he was deceiving her. Benuka was taken aback. When she asked for clarification he said that he did not know if she had taken him simply as a friend but he has already begun to feel that she was more than a friend to him. Although she knew what he was trying to say, Benuka was not prepared to answer this question. Not when she was about to leave for that day anyway. So, she burrowed time and said she would give an answer tomorrow. Thus Daya was left in a limbo. It was much difficult to wait but he did not have any choice. His heart beat pounded on the thought of him losing her forever. What if he would lose the privilege of even a normal friendship because of this? What if she would abandon him completely? He could not sleep properly. After much toss and turn, he left the bed early in the morning and arrived at the studio early. He was relieved when he saw her there. To his delight, Benuka smiled and accepted the proposal. He took a deep breath. Pulling the courage had finally paid off. After that, their love affair lasted for six long years during which they understood each other closely and sorted out if their relationship could work out. After almost six years of affair, Benuka’s father learnt about the affair and he asked her about the family background of Daya including his place of birth. Luckily, her father had relatives in Khawa. He confirmed about the information from his relatives. Once he was convinced that Daya could take care of his daughter properly, her father agreed for their marriage.        

Dayahang Rai Now

Dayahang is actively involved with Mandala Theatre as a team leader. He is also one of the founders of Mandala Theatre that is located in Anam Nagar. Mandala was his way of giving back to the Entertainment Industry that had given him name and fame and made him what he is today.

Body Measurement

The tall and handsome hero, Dayahang Rai height is 5feet 7inch while his weight is 71kg. He drinks lots of water and follows healthy routine. Taking balanced diet has helped him to stay fit.

Contact Dayahang Rai

His fans can reach to him through his official facebook address. His house address is in Anam Nagar, Kathmandu. He can also be contacted through his official Twitter Account. But he has mentioned that he is not that enthusiast about using social sites and he prefer to spend free time with his family rather than wasting time in a virtual world.

A socially responsible Actor

A compassionate actor Dayahang showed great initiative in helping others in the aftermath of Earthquake 2015. He provided shelter to hundreds of people in his Mandala Theater at the time of crisis as it has huge open space and it is spacious. He felt sorry for people who were willing to spend their night in open space without tents or tarpaulins. So, he offered flex from the studio as the temporary roof. The theatre also distributed free meal to those who went there to take refuge. Later, the team from Mandala also contributed in distributing relief in most affected areas. He showed that we do not always have to rely on government to do our bidding. Every people can contribute to the society in one way or the other if the person is genuinely willing.

Gossip and Rumor

The popular Nepali actress Priyanka Karki and Dayahang value their friendship very highly. They have openly discussed about their special friendship in many occasions. Daya wants to live a simple life and loves eating in local restaurants rather than expensive hotels. He believes it does not matter how high the bird fly, it should not forget the tree in which it nests.


Dayahang has won Critics Choice Award as a Best Actor for his role in Kabaddi. The award was distributed by Film Critics Society Nepal (FICSON). He has also won National Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Dashdhunga (2009).

Dayahang Facts

Daya becomes too nervous when he is with his seniors. He finds it difficult to converse in phone and he needs to be alone for proper conversation otherwise he gets distracted and do not understand what the person in other end is saying. He cannot recall the name of persons easily. He loses temper easily but he does not show it to anyone. When left alone for few minutes, he comes back to normal. He has habit of using washroom too frequently. Of all the characters that he had played till date and although it was his character of Gofle that made him popular in public, he likes his character from movie – ‘Tandro’ the most.

Dayahang Salary and Movie Rate

One of the busiest and most successful Nepali actors, Daya is taking NPR 6 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs per movie. Daya is a versatile actor who can do justice to every role in which he perform whether it is a comic role or a romantic or an action or a serious one. With descent earning, Dayahang net worth is constantly rising.

Dayahang Rai Movie, Wife and Salary


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