Bipul Chettri Songs

Name Bipul Chettri
Birth Place Kalimpong, Darjeeling
Occupation Singer, songwriter, composer and music instructor


Genres Nepali Folk and Indie
Instruments Guitar
Age N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Measurements N/A
Wife Sanju Chettri
Debut Album Sketches of Darjeeling

Bipul Chettri Biography

Born in Kalimpong, Darjeeling in a family with love for music, Bipul is a Nepali language singer who became popular among Nepalese crowd with the release of his debut album Sketches of Darjeeling (Released Year: 2014) where he talks about his love for his hometown and the people living there through the seamless fusion of Nepali folk music with contemporary western touch. His grandfather was a poet while his grandmother used to play sitar and his father Narendra Mohan Chettri was a good singer who used to sing on different events in Darjeeling and other nearby towns. Sadly, his father passed away while Bipul was still a young. Bipul treasured the memories of his father through his song Ram Sailee, one of the popular song from Sketches of Darjeeling. Bipul had heard this song from his father when he was a kid. Since he could not remember the complete song, he put some of his own words and sang with the folk touch. He received a warm response from crowd.

According to Bipul Chettri interview, he had uploaded his single titled Wildfire in Soundcloud back in 2013 which got more than 240000 hits and the number is forever increasing. The Song Wildfire was inspired by actual wildfires that engulf forest of Darjeeling and it also represented the burning passion within him. The response was highly encouraging which paved the road for his first album. The single Wildfire really spread like a wildfire. He began getting mails from all around the world. Some of them even went on to send him the cover track of his own song. His fans have easily outnumbered the population of Kalimpong. But due to very limited time, it is difficult for Bipul to give reply to all of the mails that he receive which kind of makes him feel bad for not being able to reach out to his fans.

Bipul is a married man and his wife Sanju is that lucky woman who gets to listen first to his every composition. She is also the first critic who gives valuable suggestions for him so that he can improvise the weak links before distributing his songs in the market. Most of Bipul Chettri songs revolve around his love for his hometown Kalimpong where he was born and where he spent his childhood. His love for the nature, culture and people can be realized when we listen to his songs. His songs have the power to create the sense of nostalgia and stir treasured old memories making them to resurface again from the pits of subconscious. Bipul Chettri has already performed live in Kathmandu, New Delhi, Sikkim, UK, Hongkong, Dubai and Australia.

What does Bipul like

He loves reading books, especially poems and his lyrics is the outcome of meeting with strangers and years of traveling. If he had to pick one among all of the songs that he has composed, he would definitely pick Wildfire. Not only was it the first song that he composed for the album but it was also the precursor to write more songs. Kalimpong is his hometown and he has no plan for settling anywhere else. He wishes to retire in Kalimpong which has bestowed him with friends, family and precious childhood memories. He enjoys singing Kaha Ma Katyo, one of the tracks from his album Sketches of Darjeeling. Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley are his favorite singers while Blues and Jazz are his favorite music genre and he has dream of collaborating with legend A.R. Rahman.

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After completing his school level education from St. Augustine’s School, Kalimpong, Bipul completed his graduation in Zoology. He has also graduated in Western Classical Guitar from Trinity Music School of London allowing himself a LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College, London) Diploma.

What is Bipul Chettri Doing Now

Bipul is busy teaching Arts to the students of Vasant Valley School, one of the reputed scholls in Darjeeling where he is the Head of Arts Department and he likes his work a lot. It gives immense pleasure to him to share what he learns with the pillars of nation. He is also busy promoting his latest album Maya.

Awards and Achievements

Title Album/ Song
Top Selling Artiste 2014/15
Pop-Rock Album of the Year Sketches of Drjeeling
Best Pop-Rock Composition of the Year Syndicate


Hero Hits FM 91.2


Best Male Pop Vocal Performance of the Year Syndicate


Hero Hits FM 91.2


First Nepali Language Singer to be endorsed by Epiphone Guitars Epiphone Guitars

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Bipul Chettri Biography


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