Anju Panta BiographyAnju Panta Biography
Followed by more than a million fans in facebook, Anju Panta is one of the greatest Nepali female singer that the music industry has ever seen. Anju Panta was born in Terathum to father Bishnu and mother Mana Maya in 14th April 1982 which makes her current age at 34 years. She was raised in Kathmandu. Although she is not from a family with musical background, she had great passion for singing since her early childhood days.
Her musical career started when she got break to sing Manuwa Manmai Yogi Banau- a devotional song in 1997. She participated in All Nepal Modern Song Competition that was organized by Radio Nepal in 1998. She was able to secure the first position in that competition for which she was honoured with a gold medal. Then she thought of making a career in music and she began practicing day and night. She has said that she had practiced singing music for as long as 14 continuous hours with just a packet of noodle to eat in between. Her first major success was an album titled Kampan which included remake of melodious classic songs like Basanta Nai Basna Khojchha, Ma Pyar Bechi dinchhu, Karkalo Gabha, Reli Khola Bagara, Saune Khola, Aha Banma Phulyo Ful and Ukalima Pani.
Her success with this album drew everyone’s attention towards her. Critics praised her ability to pick up ranges from low octave to high very quickly and her knowledge of Classical Music. So, she was approached by many Nepali movies for playback singing. It was ultimately Kina Udyo Pankhi Mana from movie Bagar through which she started singing for Nepali movie and her craze went to fever pitch height. People simply loved her songs which is why her songs topped the most CRBT Downloaded songs from women. Although she has received many offer to act in the movie, she has not accepted any offer so far. She says she is happy with singing and she has no interest in acting. She had learnt singing from guru Bhajan Siromani Krishna Man Dangol and she takes her Guru as source of inspiration. She has already performed in concerts that are held in Hong Kong, Middle East Countries, USA, UK, Japan and India and she has huge crowd of fans in these countries. She has completed elementary education and she is currently living in Hadigaun, Kathmandu. Anju Panta has height of 5 feet 2 inch and looks stunning with hour glass shaped body and long black hair. She likes experimenting with her hair style.

Anju Panta Albums and Songs

Random Hit Songs Album Note
Timile Sath Chodepachi Kampan First Album- Remix Songs
Na Birse Timilai Na Paye Timilai Golden Hits of Anju Panta Released by Sagarmatha Digital (10 songs)
Malai Basuri Le Ruwayo Anju Panta Greatest Hits Released by Kamana Digital (13 songs)
Hey Maya The Greatest Hits of Anju Panta Released by Times Music (8 songs)
Timle Parai Thane Pachi Milestones Anju Panta and Manoj Raj (8songs)

Along with a successful playback singer, Anju Panta has also make an image of the phenomenal Ghazal singer. She has given her vocals to more than 100 individual songs while she has done playback singing for more than 20 movies so far.
Na Birse Timi lai Na Paye Timi Lai still considered as the best song from her. Some of her popular songs include Ma Timi Bina Marihalchhu, Na Birse Timilai, Jindagi yo phulai phul, Hasnalai Oth Khole and Timile Parai thanepachhi. Sagar Sari Chokho Maya is the best song of Anju from movie while Malai Basurile ruwayo is the latest song. Anju Panta latest songs can be downloaded easily from internet. She has also sung for Newari, Tharu and Lok Dohori tracks. One can find Anju Panta songs on itune as well.

Love Affair of Anju

Anju had actually met with Manoj when they were participating in a music competition. Manoj was attracted to her immediately after seeing her. Then, they began to see each other for five long years before finally tying knots. Anju was in deep love with Manoj Raj Sivakoti. Manoj was a singer with expertise in modern and classic singing but he did not come even close to the fame that Anju has received. Anju married Manoj in 2002 and they had one daughter together.

Anju Panta Daughter Name

With the ex-husband Manoj, Anju Panta has a daughter who was born in Tehrathum thirteen years ago. Her daughter’s name is Paritosika and she is currently studying in secondary level. At the age of 13 years, her daughter’s height has already made her taller than Anju Panta and as she has just stepped into the teen age, we can easily say that there will be huge gap in between Anju and her daughter in terms of height. Anju has very close relationship with her daughter. She takes her daughter to be the best friend and she seeks the suggestion of Paritosika frequently.

Relationship Problem- Anju Panta Divorce

Despite being successful in her musical career, Anju was unable to save her marital life. There has been many speculations where some persons accuse Anju of showing attitude towards her husband after she reached stardom while the others think the time management problem of Anju was the major reason of the divorce. But in Anju Panta interview, she has said that she was left with no choice other than divorce to save herself from physical and mental abuse of her husband. She said her husband used to beat her and she had her nasal bone broken and she had endured several injuries. She says her index finger was also broken in the US concert due to the beating.
After divorce, Anju is living with her family members these days. In an interview, she has said that she does not want to see Manoj again so she is not answering his phone or replying his texts. It is said that Manoj is already married with another girl after divorce while Anju is still single and she says she is quite happy with the freedom.

Dark Days made Anju think about suicide

Nothing remained the same for Anju after her divorce with her husband. She did not see even a tiny flicker of hope in her life and did not see any purpose to continue living. So, she thought that the suicide could be that sweet escape. But then she soon came back to the reality and it was the very thought of impact that her death will cause in her daughter’s life that stopped her from self-killing.

Anju Panta changed religion

She needed something new to cling on. She had to start afresh like a blank parchment. Her old belief was forsaken. Her uncle introduced her to Christianity and she found she was more close to the new religion. So, she decided to change her religion from Hinduism to Christianism and these days she visits church regularly. In fact, she is the member of Koinonia Balaju Church.

Anju Panta Controversy, Scandal and Rumour

She fell into controversy when one of the online Newspaper published in 5th September 2014 said that she denied singing a Hindu Vajan (hymn to the Hindu gods) after converting to Christianity. She had sung a Christian song already. So, her fans were hurt. But she asked for apology through the hand written letter clarifying that she did not want to hurt feelings of anyone. She had actually turned down the offer to sing a Dashain song for the album from Sahadev Koirala telling that her religion do not allow her to sing a Hindu song and so she had walked away from Malashree Recording Studio, Kamaladi by turning down the offer. The objection of her fans is that singer should not be limited to any specific religion and culture as they are the national pride. Her image was further worsen due to her drinking habit. The composers used to complain that she would arrive at the recording studio getting drunk and so it was difficult for them to record the music. But Anju has publicly committed that she would not get drunk from now on.
A photo of woman resembling Anju Panta kissing unknown man on bed went viral online. The photo was found on one of the Indian blogs. The photo got attention of Nepalese when that picture was shared on her facebook wall. The picture is said to be from 2009 but Anju had denied any connection to that picture saying the image had been tampered. Many thinks this is the main reason of her divorce.
If we are to believe rumours, Anju Panta is seeing actor Bishal Bista quite frequently lately but neither of them have confirmed the fact. Besides, Anju had publicly said that she would never get married for the second time. She had also mentioned that she receives love messages and marriage proposal from her fans in which high profile people send their background and property status and ask for her hand.


Year Award Note
2008 Best Playback Singer For Khabardar Movie
2009 Best Playback Singer For Silsila
2009 Best Female Vocal Performance 13th Close Up Hits Music Award
2009 Best Record of the Year 13th Close Up Hits Music Award
2010 Best Playback Singer For Chodi Gaye Paap Lagla
Chhinnalata Award
Kantipur FM Music Awards
Uttara Badri Samman
Hobbies and Interest
She enjoys cleaning her house in her free time. She loves playing loud music. She also enjoys listening to Newari music. Prior to being a singer, she had dreamt of being a teacher. She loves teaching to the little kids which is why she wants to establish a musical school someday. She also wish to have her own recording studio. Tabala is her favorite musical instrument and she enjoys dancing to the beats of Tabala. Gaathaa is one of her favourite albums. She likes eating Gundruk- a traditional food unique to Nepal while bitter gourd is among her favourite vegetable. Whenever she has a free time, she enjoys to chill out in Nanglo Café and Banquet Club. Pokhara is her favourite holiday destination inside Nepal while Mauritius is the place that she likes to visit outside Nepal. She takes pleasure in listening to gazals and songs from Asha Bhosle. Narayan Gopal, Bhakta Raj Acharya, Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh are among her favourite singers.
Anju Panta Singing Rate – How much does Anju Panta earn?
Anju Panta is known as one of the most expensive Nepalese singers. She has been giving many back to back hit songs. Along with recording albums, she is also busy with playback singing in Nepali movies and performing stage shows and concerts inside and outside country. Although her singing rate varies according to event organizers, she normally takes around NPR 50,000 per event to sing inside Kathmandu while she charges around NPR 20000 to give her voices in other’s album. A versatile singer, she has sung modern songs, folk songs as well as item songs for movies. According to her, singing a song for movie is most difficult and singing a folk song is easiest. If anyone outside Kathmandu valley wants to call her for singing an event, it will cost them around NPR 80000. Depending upon the agreement, she charges NPR 2 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs for singing in a concert held outside Nepal. Also, the event organizer have to make proper arrangement of her flight, accommodation and food separately. The money should be paid in advance before she leaves Nepal.

Anju Panta Song, Daughter, Rate and Divorce


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